My Ligthroom presets
Vol. 1 + 2 are out now.


UPDATE: The new preset pack Vol. 2 „Around the World“ is out now!

Patresinger Lightroom Presets

I had the time to sit down and put together my favorite ones for you to simply apply to your pictures. And I included my favorite wedding preset too („Say yes“)
They are easy to use and work on almost any possible picture style – from portraits to landscape, from lifestyle to urban.

The Vol. 1 pack contains 11 presets working on the newest Adobe Lightroom CC versions as well as start from Adobe Lightroom 5.

Vol. 2 contains 15 presets!

Usually they are 58.00 EUR together, but I give a promo on them for the launch – 49€ for both.
You need PayPal to buy them.


Here is a short overview of them.



This is my favorite wedding and portrait preset.

This is the one for the sunsets. I use it on landscape shots just before the sun sets to give it that extra sunglow.

Perfect for dramatic drone shots and window portraits. Alot of black in the preset makes it fun to apply.

For everyone who wants great, sunkissed skintones and a warm feeling.

Love the way it makes portraits so special.

The name says it all. Apply on landscape and city shots.

I thought it only worked on drone and landscape shots but I applied it on portraits and it is a banger!!!

Making it effortless to get a great shot of any person.

Anotherone for the landscape bangers.

A hommage to the old analog films. Very mood, very gorgeous.



I have also included the DNG files if you only want to use them on your mobile phone.

  • Step ONE Transfer the .DNG files from the downloaded folder to your mobile phone.
  • Step TWO Open the Lightroom app on your mobile phone. It is free to use.
  • Step THREE Import all DNGs which you transferred from your computer into the Lightroom app from your camera roll.
  • Step FOUR Now click on the picture you like to take the preset from and copy the settings by clicking on the three dots …
  • Step FIVE Now select the picture you want to apply the preset to and paste the settings.
  • Step SIX If necessary, adjust exposure, white balance or any other setting you want. DONE

– Watch full tutorial –