Hallo gorgeous

Welcome to the beginning of great memories.
Before you press the "get in touch" button here, I wanna make sure you understand that taking pictures is not just a job for me. I truly love joining you on special occasions like your wedding and capturing memories that will last for generations to come. So we better like each other if you hire me. This may sound weird at first, but imagine this scenario: On your wedding day, you open up the hotel room door in your bathrobe, without a good night's sleep and a lot of messages from every guest about the wedding day on your phone. You probably want a friend to be standing on the other side of the door, making sure you feel comfortable and being there every step of the way on your very special day - this friend is me -->

a bit more about me

You should hire me not because of the photos you see on my site but because you like me to be there and creating memories together. And I don’t turn up on your wedding day because you pay me, but because I am excited to see the two of you getting married and actually making new friends. So if you are ready to make a new friend that also takes good pictures, here I am.

You made it until here, I am proud of you. So here is a little bit about me personally. I live and grew up in Salzburg / Austria, a tiny town in the middle of Europe. When I am not shooting photos, I love to play with our dog Maxi, go skiing or travel. So from whereever you are in the world, I go anywhere to join your special day.

If you wanna know more about the investment, keep scrolling


Anika & Basti

From 8 am to almost midnight, there was always this big smile on his face and burning passion in his heart. The guy is just awesome. During the intimate moments, he was invisible but somehow put us into the best possible spotlight with such an instinctive feeling like he knows us forever. Thank you, Patrick, we owe you!

Nina & Tom

Pure bliss! Being captured by the magnificent Patrick, who did not only preserve the memories of this special event in the best possible way but also had the most helpful tips and guided us through the whole day with such a kind and positive energy. Thank you!


Which services can you book with me?

Every wedding is unique, so are my services for them. As I mentioned before, when you book me, you are booking a friend, who brings his cameras. And I want you to enjoy that I am there with you.

My services really start before the wedding already. I can give you advice on timings, how long it takes to get ready. How important it is that you have someone taking care of small things on your wedding day and much more. I bring a lot of experience with me for weddings and you should get the most out of it. So please see the info below only as a start to what I offer.



wonderful coverage of your special day. Starting from 8 hours to a full day.



just the two of you

Minimum an hour of shooting and a great variety of gorgeous shots of the two of you



You in the best light

minimum 30 minutes of shooting for some rad pictures.





Do you also travel for shooting weddings?

Yes! I am available world wide. I shot weddings in Marocco, Italy, Germany, Hungary and of course Austria. But I want to add more places to my list.

How many hours do I have to book you for my wedding as a minimum?

My smallest package starts with 8 hours and goes up all the way until 12 to 14 hours. Every wedding is super individual, so are my packages. Let's get on the phone and let me know what you have in mind and we will come up with the perfect solution for your day.

I have never booked a photographer, what should I look out for?

1) The style of the photographer. A photographer is an artist and will shoot the way she or he thinks is the best, never try to tell a photographer to shoot any other way than their own.
2) Personality. Grab a coffee with the photographer or at least a facetime call and get to know each other. The chemistry needs to be there, otherwise, the pictures won't be great and you won't feel good on your wedding day.


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