Mission Paradise

Starting to write this post was almost putting me into cardiac arrest. The reason was this question: „How could I possibly show all the amazing moments, the smiles and love that this wedding spread in this magical week in Marrakech?“.

But let me start at the beginning. I have met Nuriel about 2 years ago and over time, we connected through our shared love for photography immediately and later on realized that we got along really well even without talking about cameras.

As Nuriel told me one night out of the blue, that he got engaged to Audrey, I immediately screamed: „I want to take your wedding pictures!“ Little did I know that they had the plan to get married in Morocco, over the course of three days and such an amazing event with unbelievable people in a kind of surreal place.

I know that I already used a lot of superlatives, but believe you me – it is still an understatement.

The celebrations began on the first night, with a lovely „little“ party so everyone could get to know each other. The second night was themed „1001 nights“ – everyone got dressed up in Moroccan chic and headed to the Medina (old town) of Marrakech. The place was magical, an old riad (private house) with 4 stories, a beautiful courtyard and amazing rooftop where everyone enjoyed drinks and local music.
Followed by a lovely dinner, prepared by the NENI chefs and ended with a guitar Flamenco player who gave a fantastic little concert. The energy within the guest group was breathtaking.

The actual wedding was on day three in the palm house of the BELDI Country Club. A total magic place of its own. I haven’t witnessed a more genuine, unconventional and lovely ceremony ever before. After the ceremony, all the guests headed over to the pool party with snacks and some bubbly.

Before the evening black-tie dinner, we got the chance to do a sunset shooting on one of the rooftops, next to drying bed sheets and a stray cat. The celebrations continued with a lovely dinner, speeches and of course so crazy dancing.

On the following day, most of the guests headed back home, but a group of around 20 people extended the stay for another 4 days. We spent 2 days in the Medina, getting in the true feeling of this magical Morocco.

Our trip concluded with two nights in the Scarabeo Camp in the stone desert around 40 minutes outside of Marrakech. Endless sunsets, amazing talks, and great people were the ingredients for a trip I will truly remember for the rest of my life.

A special thank you to Audrey & Nuriel: Thank you for making this wedding about the celebration of your love and letting everyone in on your happiness. I admire the two of you for who you are. Thank you for letting me capture your love. #meetthemolchos

Wedding Dress: Hermione de Paula
Groom Suit: Chittleborough & Morgan
Invitations by the great: Laura Karasinski
Fantastic Make-up: Sabine Reiter
Location: Beldi Country Club
Rings: Katie G. Jewelry


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