Casual and Chic Wedding in Salzburg

The more than funny couple Nina and Tom contacted me about only 2 month before their wedding date. The two were super chilled about their organization, but it made it very clear to me that I wanted to capture their day. And luckily enough, I had one spot left in my yearly wedding quota that needed filling. Their wedding was held all in the beautiful Schloss Mönchstein.

What made the day so much fun is that I have not met many couples that were so relaxed when it comes to their wedding. Nina put together a wonderful combination of skirt and top as her wedding dress. She told me, she started her outfit with the shoes and everything else followed. She bought gorgeous black Chanel high heels with a signature pearl on it. I already loved that she wore black shoes which is very rare with brides, but she continued with the pearl / black / white color scheme. She fashioned a black bow with pearls as her head piece herself and had pearls attached to her top aswell. Tom, who told me he never wears suits as he is a tour manager for an international metal music group, had his three piece custom made. Wearing white sneakers and no tie or bow tie, made the relaxed outfit complete.

The ceremony was full of laughter and pure moments. Thank you for having me on your special day.

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Portrait – Melanie Nedelko